Commercial shipping insights wrapped in simplicity
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Assess tonnage availability
Obtain dynamically-generated tonnage lists and position lists that you can filter, sort and drill down into, to instantly assess tonnage availability around the world. See which vessels can pick-up your cargo.
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Estimate daily profitability
Leverage all the information provided by the platform’s algorithms, to estimate daily profitability for any vessel or scenario using our TCE Estimation dashboard.
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Find the best vessels for your cargoes
Keep track of cargoes that interest you and find the best vessels to match them using our Cargo Notepad.
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View Fixtures
Review and filter ‘latest and greatest’ fixture reports that have been fused and cross-checked by Signal Ocean's algorithms with our Fixtures Dashboard.
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View vessel information
Search for any vessel and see information on its specification, commercial voyages, data received, consumptions and more using our Vessels Dashboard.
Monitor Market Dynamics
Obtain a dynamic overview of all regional markets per vessel class. Plot vessel supply against prevailing freight rates and view an up-to-date list of fixtures.
Access Voyages Database
Access and download historical voyages data back to 2014 as well as current and predicted voyages. Conduct queries yourself for the key ports, countries, and commercial operators you select.
View Estimated Valuations
Get access to estimated Sales & Purchase (S&P) valuations and see how prices have evolved in the recent past.
Monitor Number of Cargo Loadings
Analyze the number of current and near-future cargo loadings in key geographies and compare against previous months and years.
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Monitor port activity and congestion
See vessel traffic around major ports and estimate port expenses using our Ports Dashboard.
See vessels forecast to arrive at a port
Select any port or region and view the vessels forecast to arrive there, in both an interactive map and a filterable list using our Port Arrivals dashboard.
Check bunker prices
View bunker prices at key ports around the world as reported BunkerEx.
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Auto-transform emails into actionable intelligence
Signal Ocean takes emails & attachments you forward to the system and extracts relevant commercial information. See the emails that have been successfully processed by the platform, as well as a summary of the extracted data (Fixtures, Positions and Cargoes).
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Calculate distances
Calculate distances between vessel positions, ports or coordinates. Determine voyage duration by adjusting speed, routing points, and SECA and piracy paths by using our advanced Distance Tool.
Get Access to the Signal APIs and SDK
Access the data behind The Signal Ocean Platform through Signal APIs and SDK.

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